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Funerals today are changing just as much as everything else in our daily lives. We are aware of this at the Eberle-Fisher Funeral Home and Crematory and are prepared to assist each family we serve with whatever their wishes may be. Some of the services we offer are: 
Cremations - We offer several different cremation packages ranging from immediate cremation to a complete, traditional-style visitation and funeral with cremation and subsequent earth burial. There are unlimited choices beyond the package offerings, and we have a complete display of cremation and rental caskets, urns, and urn vaults as well.   
Graveside Service - Many people prefer the simplicity of having services at the cemetery or burial site instead of in a church or funeral home. We can arrange this for you with or without a traditional visitation period. Visitation can also be arranged at the cemetery
Infant Services - Unfortunately, it sometimes becomes necessary to arrange for a funeral for an infant or child that has met with an untimely death. These situations can be especially emotionally trying and call for the expertise of a caring professional. With our experience and understanding, we can make suggestions that may prove helpful to young, bereaved parents. 
Memorial Service - Often, a family may desire to have a private burial or to have a cremation, followed by a memorial service where a body is not present. Contact us any time to arrange a memorial service or for more information.
Pre-planning - There are two steps in pre-planning a funeral for yourself or for a family member: pre-arrangement and/or pre-financing. Pre-arrangements involves the gathering of personal and service-related information and may include the selection of funeral related products and services. Pre-financing simply means paying for the selected products and services in advance, if desired. (Read more)
Private Burial - Occasionally, we are requested to have a private funeral. This can be immediate or arranged for sometime in the future. We can help arrange a completely private service of your choosing: from traditional services to cremation or immediate burial. 
Shipping Services - With today's mobile society, death can occur away from home, creating unique problems for the families involved. We are proud of our history of assisting people in such situations. With our worldwide network, we can arrange to have a loved-one returned from, or transported to, virtually any place on earth.
Traditional Funeral - The process of the traditional funeral consists of gathering personal information concerning the deceased and determining when and where to have the services and visitation. The traditional funeral involves the selection of a casket and usually also involves the selection of an outer burial container or vault.

We can assist you in making the necessary decisions to design a meaningful funeral service. We can take care of the necessary paperwork and can even contact the cemetery, newspapers and florist for you. (Read more)
Other Services Available at the Eberle-Fisher Funeral Home and Crematory:

Burial/pre-need insurance
Chair rentals for special occasions
In-home arrangements/consultation
Pet Cremations (House Pets)